Create a Comic

Create a Comic Online

Select one of the many sites below and use your imagination to create a comic!

  • Chogger - A nice site for creating a comic, with the ability to take a picture, to upload a picture, or to create a drawing from scratch.

  • Comic Creator - Compose your own comic strip using various characters, speech bubbles, props, and backgrounds. After creating their comics, students can print them to share with friends and family.

  • Comic Master - A very nice-looking site that is user friendly with lots of features to choose from such as: backgrounds, objects, speech bubbles, etc.

  • Make Beliefs Comix - Create your own comic strip on this site that offers animal and human characters with different moods, thought and speech balloons to fill in with words in English or Spanish, and story prompts. After creating your comic strip, you can print or email them to friends or family.