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Julie E. Graunstadt M.A. SLP-CCC
Speech Pathologist and Teacher of Speech-Language Impaired

Hello! My name is Julie Graunstadt and it is my great joy to be at Cleveland Elementary School for the 2015/16 school year. I also serve Cooper Center.  I consult with classroom teachers as well as directly service students who have been identified with speech and language disorders and delays under the special education guidelines. 

Students with speech articulation substitutions and distortions, reduced intelligibility, and/or  dysfluency difficulty may be eligible for services when there is determined to be a significant negative impact in their classroom communication.  Students with significant expressive and receptive language delays, auditory processing impairments or pragmatic social language disorders that impact success with the curriculum and classroom participation may also be referred for a consult or observation.

Whether I am already servicing your student or you would just like to talk with me about speech and language topics, please don't hesitate to contact me at my email address or by phone at 744-2700 ext. 14817, voice mail - 71210. I will be at Cleveland five days a week and Cooper Center on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

Please visit my resources and internet links for valuable speech and language information and materials and look for updated newsletters.



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